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ENGW 3332: Writing Online


Your grade in this course will be determined by your performance on the following assignments. (Detailed descriptions for the assignments will be added as we discuss them in class.)

Unit #1: Online Résumé (5%)

Your first assignment is to create a homepage for your SEU personal website, then create an online résumé and link it to your homepage. We will spend time in class looking at different types of online résumés and experimenting with simple (X)HTML and CSS code to enhance your résumé. When are done with the assignment, you will write a one-page memo explaining and justifying your code and design decisions. Read more…

Unit #2: Print-to-Web Conversion Project (10%)

To strengthen your skills working with content management systems, you will convert a lengthy printed document into a highly structured website that takes full advantage of the features offered by modern CMSes. You may choose to work with any CMS, but our in-class workshops will focus on WordPress.

Unit #3: Content and Usability Analysis Report (15%)

For this assignment, you will work with a small group of your peers to select a website, evaluate its content, test its usability, and write a report to the owner/operator of the site making recommendations for improvement. Your report to the client will also contain re-coded pages (or, if this is not possible, mockups of redesigned pages) that demonstrate the changes you are proposing. Ideally, you will focus your work on a website for a local organization that wants your help and is in a position to implement your proposed changes.

Unit #4: Client Project (20%)

Your final project should demonstrate your abilities as a writer, a coder, an information architect, and a usability specialist. Working alone or in a small group (preferably no more than three people), you will work with a real client who needs a new website.