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ENGW 3332: Writing Online

Week 14: Responsive Web Design, Working with Audio and Video

It was nice to talk with each of you about your final projects, and at this point, most of you have signed, finalized MOUs for Unit #4. (If you need to revise and resubmit your MOU, please take care of that by Monday!) From here on out, each of you will be working on slightly different tasks in our in-class workshops, but during our last two weeks we’ll try to cover a few items that will be helpful for almost everyone. Here’s the plan for next week:

  • On Tuesday (4/24), we will review some of the nuts and bolts of managing a server (e.g., how to register a domain name, how to find a good hosting company, how to set up email and FTP accounts), so if you have particular questions about these topics, send me a quick email before Tuesday morning. In addition, we will review the first half of our final textbook, so please read pages 1–63 in Responsive Web Design before you come to class. And last but not least, remember that Tuesday is the deadline for submitting your Unit #3 Team Evaluation Form and Exam #2.
  • On Thursday (4/26), we will talk about incorporating media (specifically audio and video) into your final project websites. Before you come to class, watch “What Is HTML5?,” read the Occupy Flash manifesto and “HTML5 Audio and Video: What You Must Know” (it’s OK if some of this one goes over your head), and get familiar with the HTML5 Video site.

Finally, a quick reminder that I won’t have office hours on Monday due to the Edward Tufte event I’m attending that day. If you have questions about our plans for Tuesday or Thursday, or if you want to talk about your client project, please send me an email and we’ll find a time to meet.

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