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ENGW 3332: Writing Online

Week 8: Wrapping Up the Print-to-Web Conversion Project

As we near the end of Unit #2, I want to give you ample time to work out the kinks in your designs and get feedback from your peers to help you put the finishing touches on your WordPress sites. With that in mind, I have cleared the syllabus for Week 8 so you can make significant progress on Unit #2 before you leave for spring break. Here’s how we’ll spend our time in class:

  • On Tuesday, each of you will meet with me individually for five minutes to present a draft of your Print-to-Web Conversion project. You will spend the rest of class time sharing WordPress resources that you have used to improve your Unit #2 projects. Please come to class with two things: (1) a complete draft of your site, including a customized theme, and (2) at least one tip or trick that you have discovered to improve your WordPress site.
  • On Thursday, we will conduct a formal peer critique session for the Unit #2 project. By the time you come to class, your site should be nearly ready to submit for a grade. The goal for this critique session is to identify minor areas for improvement, so your site should not contain serious gaps in design, content, or functionality.

I have changed the due date for Unit #2 to Tuesday, March 20, so you will be able to polish your projects over spring break, but please don’t use the extended deadline as an excuse to postpone your work on this assignment. Week 8 (before spring break) is the time to get 95% of the way there. As always, I’m happy to meet with you during my office hours (M 9-12 or W 1-4) if you feel like you need extra help on this project. Feel free to drop by during those hours or email me if you’d like to reserve a specific time slot.

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