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ENGW 3332: Writing Online

Week 12: Finishing Up the Usability Report, Working with Clients

Next week we will wrap up the usability testing project and begin working on our final assignment of the semester: the client project. Because each project will be unique, I have built a lot of flexibility into our schedule during the next few weeks. I really want them to be productive and helpful for you as budding web designers, usability gurus, and information architects, so think carefully about what topics you would like to spend more time discussing and what type of site you would like to work on for your last project of the semester. We’ll spend some time on Tuesday discussing these issues, which will help me determine how we should spend our time in class.

Here are the specific plans for next week:

  • On Tuesday, we will discuss how to put the finishing touches on your usability reports. Please bring all of your data (print and electronic) with you to class and be ready to ask any final questions about the assignment. Due to the day we lost to Easter break this week, I have pushed back the due date for Unit #3 to April 17 (a week from Tuesday), but in class, we will be moving on to Unit #4 on Thursday, so this will be your last team workshop day. Please be ready to put it to good use!
  • On Thursday, I will introduce Unit #4, the client project, and we will talk about how to find appropriate projects for this assignment. Before you come to class, please read this series of articles about working with clients:

    You don’t need to print out all of these articles, but you should be ready to discuss them when you come to class. (When you’re done reading those, if you need a little diversion, check out Clients from Hell.)

Some of you already have ideas about what you want to do for Unit #4, but if you haven’t started thinking about it yet, now is the time to begin asking friends, roommates, relatives, and coworkers if they know people who need a new website. Don’t commit to anything yet, but start stockpiling ideas for potential projects.

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